Music in YIS is greatly varied: Koto, Music Tech, Instrumental, and, next year, Vocal Music is available. Here, two very talented students will teach you the basics of GarageBand and Guitar.

Tutorials that students made 2010-2011

How to Make a Song in Garageband (By:Nicolai)

How to Make a Song in GarageBand from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

If you're a beginner in GarageBand, this is the tutorial for you.

How to play Simple Guitar Chords (By: Markus)

Simple Guitar Chords from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

In this tutorial, I will show you a few chords.
A chord, E chord, D chord, G chord and C chord, respectively.


Tutorials that students made 2011-2012


Music Ettiquette (By:Annamaria)

Wondering what music ettiquette is? Then worry no more.

Help with music theory (By:Rhiannu)

Need help with music theory? Then this tutorial is for you.


How trill on the Koto(By Jem)

This is exactly where to learn how to trill and learn Koto.

How to learn notes easily(By Sena)

Here is how to learn two clefs of notes easily and fast!

For more information


How to learn the 13 strings for koto (By Kate)

Want to learn the 13 strings for koto? You came to the right place!

How to read basic notes, rests and signs (by Sean)

Want to know how to read basic notes? Watch my video.

How to read Japanese Koto notes and perform Dynamics on the 13-stringed koto (Eddie)

Want to learn about koto? This is the video!

How to do a "Sha Sha Ten" on the Koto (Arunansu)

What is "Sha Sha ten"? Watch and learn

How to Safe a Life by the Fray (Sophia)

Watch this video to learn more about the Piano!

An extra video that we recommend :

Tutorials that students made 2012-2013

Do you want to learn a great song? Here it is By the sword by Slash

how to play by the sword by slash on guitar by Henri


If you want to learn a basic scale on the alto sax & some note patterns, then watch this video !

D-Scale on Alto Sax By Georgios. N

Do you want to learn how to play 4 chords on the guitar that will allow you to plays TONS of songs? Then this is the video to watch.

How to play G,D,E min, and C chords on the guitar By JosephV

Do you want to know how to do a vibrato on a violin? Well then check out my tutorial!

How to do a vibrato on a violin. By NaoM


Do you want to play Pink song Perfect? Then watch my tutorial!

My Tutorial Pia's Blog

If you want to know how to beatbox, check out my (un) cool Tutorial!

How to crab scratch by Sho

If you want to know the technique in Koto called "Sararin" please look!

How to do SARARIN in KOTO! By Megumi Otani

How to Play 'Viva La Vida' by Coldplay on the Piano By Emilee Boettger

How to play a simple rhythm on the piano

Eric's piano tutorial Posted By : Eric