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Welcome to the MYP Technology Page. Here is some background information about this subject. In MYP Technology, we use the computers to create projects. In Grade 6, our latest project was making tutorials. Each student made one, and then they inserted them into their blogs and Vimeo.

Here was how we made our tutorials. First, we thought of a topic. Then, we made practice tutorials. After that, we started to make our real tutorial by using iMovie, Screencasting and photo booth. Here are some of the things we learnt about making a good tutorial.

In each MYP project, we have different parts. The parts are investigate, plan, create and evaluate. After each part, we colpeted a reflection about what we learned during that part.

Here are some of the assignment sheets, rubrics and criteria's for the tutorial project.

Click Here for the investigate. This was the first part of the tutorial research.
Click Here for the plan. This was the second part for the tutorial project.
Click Here for the create part. This is the third part.
Click Here for the evaluate part. This is the final part.

Here are the parts, and we are going to explain them to you.

1. INVESTIGATE- In this step, we research what we know, and what we want to know. Also, we research the thing which we will be creating. In the tutorials project, we watched other tutorials on youtube, and made a practice one ourselves on Google Docs. Then we put them onto our blogs..
Here are some things we learned which were important in out tutorials:

1. Simple steps. Not too complicated because then the viewer would get confused
2. Subtitles for extra information on each step
3. Speaking clearly

2. PLAN- We had to plan our tutorials. First, we thought of a suitable topic. Then, each person made a storyboard to design our tutorials. On the storyboards, we drew pictures, or we put pictures from the internet. Also, we added subtitles, and we decided whether we wanted background music or not. Here is a example storyboard.
Here is an example of a story board. (Monsters Inc.)

3. CREATE- This part is the part which most people like the most. We made the tutorial in this step. To make the tutorials, we used iMovie, Video Camera, screencasting and Quick Time. First, we recorded. People who made their tutorials on the internet, first used screencasting to just record their voice separately. Then, they recorded their action with a video camera. Then, they put the two together. Other people who made a tutorial using paper, they just used a video camera, and then they exported it to iMovie.

4. EVALUATE- This is the final part of the project. Here, we wrote a large reflection about what we learned, and also we had to say what Approaches to Learning we demonstrated. Each person had to answer at least 3 questions. People who answered more questions earned extra points.

Here is the design cycle for MYP Technology

If you want more information about YIS technology please go to the MS technology blog.
Thank you for reading our page, and we hope you now know a little bit more about MYP Technology.

Mitea, Aiki, Jake, and George